About me

I grew up in Walchwil, Canton Zug, with four siblings. My love for foreign languages started at a very early age, in primary school. I studied English, French, Italian and Spanish while I did my commercial apprenticeship (KV). For a short while I was serious about becoming an interpreter and translator at the Dolmetscherschule in Zurich. Instead, I decided to travel with my boyfriend and future husband Paul in Europe and North America. For some time we lived and worked together in Canada and Egypt. After our return to Switzerland we got married and started a family: our four children, two sons and two daughters, were born between 1986 and 1991. Besides being a busy and devoted mom, but a not so passionate housewife, I’ve supported and assisted Paul in running our small independent bakery and grocery store since 1990. It is a popular shopping place in our town and gives employment to quite a big number of shop assistants, bakers, confectioners and apprentices.

In order to not forget my passion for the English language, I acquired the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English and later on a degree for language teaching to adults, at Akademie für Erwachsenenbildung in Lucerne. Then, in the year 1999, when I finally had a bit of extra time to spare, I began teaching at my private language school, called Heidi’s English. In all those years since then I’ve had the privilege to meet many interesting people from our area and helped them to get to know the language, the culture and the beauty of the English speaking world. I’m passionate about teaching and benefit personally from those classes. I feel blessed to have such a rewarding job!

What I love:

  • Spending time with my big family, especially my 4 wonderful grandkids
  • Books - whether fiction or non-fiction, I just need my daily dose of reading
  • Travelling, abroad or within Switzerland
  • Planning and organizing trips to near and far for my students or myself
  • Studying and speaking Italian or any of the languages that I once learned
  • Hiking, preferably in the Swiss Alps
  • Good restaurants, good food, good hotels

What I hate:

  • Indifference
  • Violence
  • Intolerance
  • Narrow-mindedness
  • Mediocrity