English Café

What is it?

  • Keeping your English skills up-to-date
  • practicing and revising basic grammar structures
  • talking and learning with other students
  • playing communication games together

When is it?
Sorry to tell you that Heidi's English Café is closed. Currently, I don't have enough people interested in coming regularly. If you want me to put your name on the mailing list, drop me a line. I'd like to open the Café again once a month on a Saturday morning, from 9 - 11 a.m. (including coffee break).

Where is it?

At Heidi’s English classroom above the bakery

For who is it?
Suitable for every level from Beginners to Advanced

How much is it?
CHF 25.— per student, including coffee and croissants

Do I need to sign up?
Yes, the café only opens if at least 4 people are interested in coming on a specific Saturday. So, please drop me a line if you want me to put your name on the mailing list.