Do you speak English?

Don’t be shy if the answer to this question is „no“! It’s never too late to start learning a foreign language... It’s never too late to brush up your English skills from long time ago when you were at school... It’s never too late to enhance the many English words and expressions that you’ve learned while travelling...

My English language courses are suitable for anybody between 20 and 90 and there is absolutely no reason to be shy. We are all „in the same boat“ and this is our „destination“:

  • We want to understand and speak to people in everyday situations while travelling - at airports, in hotels, restaurants, shops, taxis, and when sightseeing.
  • We want to regularly read, hear and understand the main news - on TV, radio, in newspapers and the internet.
  • We want to practice writing simple letters, e-mails or text messages - for job, travel or private use.
  • We want to learn about customs and traditions of English speaking countries: Great Britain, Ireland, United States, Australia and others.
  • As soon as we reach a higher level of English (B1/2), we will be able to openly discuss different topics like family, school, health, politics, society, media, equal rights, gender roles, technology, and many more. Our goal will always be to acknowledge different points of view...

Current classes

The fall term 2021 starts on September 1/2 and lasts until December 15/16. The lessons take place in a spacious class room on the top floor of our house on Dorfbachstrasse 5a in Rothenthurm SZ - accessible by elevator; public parking in 2 minutes walking distance.

If you want to join one of the current classes, please write me an e-mail and we can arrange a trial period.

Day/Time Level Availability
Wednesday 08.30 – 10.30 h B2 There's place  for 1 extra student
Thursday 08.15 – 10.15 h A2 There's place for 1 extra student
Thursday 13.30 – 15.30 h A2 the group is full at the moment


1 lesson is CHF 30.— per person

What do you get for your money ?

  • 120 minutes of valuable tuition by a dedicated and creative teacher
  • a lively group of interesting people from every walk of life as your classmates
  • plenty of interesting worksheets, learning tips, language games
  • free use of my big English books library and English language videos
  • free coffee, tea and water as well as some cookies or chocolate during the 15-minute-break
  • enough homework to keep you busy until you can return to the classroom!

Group size

  • The usual group size is 6 to maximum 7 people.
  • If there are only 5 people, the price will be CHF 35.— per person.
  • I need at least 5 people to start a new group or continue an existing group.

Course Location

Dorfbachstrasse 5a
6418 Rothenthurm
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